I offer integrative and trauma-informed treatment for substance abuse/addiction while holding a non-judgmental, compassionate perspective. As a registered service provider for the Nebraska criminal justice system, I am also able to offer level 1 outpatient substance abuse treatment which satisfies the needs/requirements of the court. Outpatient treatment is tailored to meet the needs of the individual but some general goals of treatment may include the following:

  • Identifying the underlying factors contributing to ongoing substance abuse, including mental health concerns and current life stressors.
  • Assisting each individual in clarifying needs and the role of substances in your life.
  • Harm reduction and/or relapse prevention planning.
  • Identifying using cues and triggers in addition to useful coping skills to help manage these triggers.
  • Addressing any relevant guilt/shame.
  • Stabilization and modification of daily routines including eating and sleeping patterns.
  • Addressing relationship problems and concerns, including with friends, family, or work-related.
  • Identifying a support system.
  • Stress management and treatment for mental health conditions/concerns.

For the evaluation of substance use disorders I utilize the Addiction Severity Index (ASI), which is a semi-structured interview for substance abuse assessment and treatment planning. The ASI is preferred and accepted by the Nebraska criminal justice system.

If you are looking to explore your relationship with substances, I can help. If treatment for substance abuse is recommended and court-ordered, I will work with your probation/diversion officer to keep them apprised of your progress while in treatment.