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What is EMDR and How Can it Help?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a highly effective treatment for trauma/PTSD and moving past difficult life experiences in general. When we experience trauma or difficult life events which exceed our capacity to process and make sense of them, we can begin to experience certain problematic symptoms which interfere with daily functioning and quality…

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“What Was Just Going Through My Head?” – Identifying Automatic Thoughts

Negative and/or fearful patterns of thought are almost always present as a symptom of depression, anxiety, stress overload, traumatic stress, and even substance abuse. These thought patterns may include the typical catastrophizing and negative prediction statements built from key words such as should, should’ve, shouldn’t, must, never, always, can’t, won’t, what if, etc. These thought…

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The Therapeutic Relationship

by Jennifer Francke Find the Right Fit Did you know the quality of the therapeutic relationship is the primary predictor of positive outcomes in psychotherapy? It is not necessarily the therapist’s educational background or credentials they hold, the theories they choose to utilize, or even the number of hours they’ve logged that generate the best…

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